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Sustainability is integral to the way we do business.

Powered with purpose and grounded by good governance, we take a ‘Cents and Sensibility’ approach to managing our triple bottom line.

We know that the built environment has an impact on the health and well-being of our communities. That’s why our sustainability framework aims to create better spaces for our tenants and employees, minimizing our environmental impact while enhancing long-term investment performance of the assets that we manage.

Each asset in our portfolio has unique circumstances and we work with our clients to tailor our sustainability program to align to our clients’ business drivers with a focus on value creation.

We set ambitious but achievable goals and work continually to improve the sustainability of our existing properties and to incorporate the principles of sustainability into every aspect of our operation. 

Through our sustainability program, we operate our buildings at higher levels of performance with regards to operational efficiency, better air quality, and improved tenant satisfaction.

We use smart building technologies using artificial intelligence enabled Building Automation Systems to help us measure our progress to ensure that our actions are creating results.


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Strategic Focus Areas

gradient  Energy Efficiency and GHG Emissions

Epic laser-focused on reducing the total energy used in our buildings by increasing efficiencies through investments in projects such as regular energy audits, constant commissioning, LED lighting retrofits and new high-efficiency boiler and chiller replacements that reduce our carbon footprint and operating costs.

gradient  Waste Management & Recycling

We conduct annual waste audits and review our recycling procedures in order to maximize our waste diversion rate, with the goal of reducing the amount of waste generated from our buildings.  We engage significantly with our tenants to help them improve waste reduction and recycling.  To date, we are typically achieving capture rates between 75–80%.

gradient  Water Conservation

We are reducing the amount of water used in our buildings by installing low-flow toilets and urinals, faucets, by converting to drought-resistant plants, and by installing water control management systems on our cooling towers and irrigation systems.

gradient  Tenant & Stakeholder Engagement

Our tenants and stakeholders play a key role in helping us achieve our sustainability goals. We are committed to sharing information with tenants about sustainability best practices and initiatives to raise awareness and to build a foundation that will enable us to work with tenants and stakeholders towards a more sustainable future.

gradient  EHS Compliance

Our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Compliance Audit and Best Practices program means that every property-managed asset undergoes regular EHS assessments to ensure that we are complying with all regulations and focused on continuous improvement.

gradient  Green Leasing

Green Leasing is a critical aspect of onboarding our future tenants to our sustainability programs and helps them understand our intention to manage our properties sustainably. Our leases include green lease clauses focused around operational efficiency initiatives, data sharing, green certifications, and tenant fit-outs and design.  This enables us to work more closely with tenants to improve sustainability outcomes at our properties.

gradient  Green Certifications

Certifications help us manage key sustainability priorities and hold us accountable to our commitment to our tenants.  As a baseline, all of our property-managed portfolio is certified under the BOMA BEST Volume program and each building works towards specific certification goals such as LEED, WELL or Wired. 

gradient  Data Management

What is measured gets managed and our data tracking system allows us to understand where there are opportunities to improve performance. Our clients and tenants use the data we collect for their own sustainability reporting purposes.


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