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One Planet Living Real Estate Fund

Canadian closed-end, mixed-use opportunistic real estate
development impact fund.

The real estate sector has demonstrated that we can profitably create places where people live happy healthy lives within our planet’s capacity, we need to broaden and accelerate wider adoption of ‘planet fit’ real estate assets.

The Fund has an initial pipeline in place within the Ottawa and the Greater Toronto Area markets. The Fund operates under the One Planet Living (OPL) framework for clear and transparent validation and reporting of impact outcomes.

The OPL Fund will look to achieve an 18% IRR for investors net of all fees and promote incentives.

Through applying the globally recognized One Planet Living Principles ( the OPL Real Estate Fund has the unique capacity to maximize total investor returns, while simultaneously advancing broader industry knowledge to achieve low carbon and socially progressive real estate with measurable community outcomes.

The outcome will be a direct target impact on +/- 1-2 million sq.ft. of new and retrofitted Canadian real estate that will ultimately achieve a path to carbon neutrality and other impact factors associated with OPL with all data shared on to ensure transparency and easily accessible knowledge sharing.

  1. Majority of projects will be partnerships with impact-oriented, urban land owners where strong market development fundamentals exist and land/asset purchase proceeds create greater impact by improving the strength and mission of the impact oriented land owner.

  2. Providing deep building retrofits (to non-pension-owned Class B and C buildings) generally on assets that have additional value add development opportunity.

  3. Community and large-scale mixed-use developments that are targeting carbon neutral and socially progressive outcomes.

About our partner

Windmill Development Group has been executing on green development programs encompassing innovations in water, air, energy and waste management along with smart building technologies since 2003

Currently Windmill is the only developer in North America that has led the development for the only two One Planet Living endorsed communities in Canada.

For OPL Real Estate Fund Related Inquiries

Laetitia Pacaud
Partenaire associé, directrice de l’exploitation et directrice des finances

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