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Our office, industrial, retail and residential properties are recognized for achieving high value and excellent tenant experience—providing amenities, access to transportation, robust local infrastructure and impressive sustainability performance.

We believe that every part of a project is an opportunity to create value for clients and tenants. Our strategic approach to adding value starts with incorporating input from every discipline within our team to ensure we can address and utilize every component of a property.

Our hands-on approach to tenant services amplifies value, ensuring that we have the strong tenant engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty we need to attract and retain long-term tenants.

Property Management

Resource efficient properties with low operating costs.

To us, property management is a core competency for success in real estate. Drawing from experience gained over decades in markets across North America, we have developed best practices to guarantee that every property we manage becomes more sustainable, efficient, and profitable.


Responsible Contracting Policy

Tenant Services

Creating space for tenant success.

We understand that quality real estate is not only an asset for our clients—it is a key asset for our tenants as well. Quality properties mean our tenants can attract and retain better employees and customers. From light to air, and from amenities and services, we build and manage properties that are tuned into tenant needs and expectations.

Quality tenant service also requires an investment in good relationships. We’re committed to offering high-touch tenant care, where our tenants see us as open, proactive, and responsive to their needs. Each and every day our tenants can rely on us to make sure the properties we manage are places where people want to live and work.

Value for our tenants. Value for our clients. That’s what drives us.

Leasing Services

Aligned leasing services that best serve client goals.

With in-house leasing services available to clients, we have the critical ability to prioritize long-term client goals over short-term wins. We believe that keeping the focus on the overarching project strategy generates the best outcomes for our clients’ properties and their portfolios.

Our cross-border scale enables us to identify trends and changing expectations so we can proactively shift our strategy while our deep local insight and expertise enables us to understand the local dynamics, allowing us to capitalize on unique opportunities.

To ensure the best possible return, we also collaborate with third-party brokers depending on the project or client.

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